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    Homoeopathic Medicine
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    Genetic Constitutional Treatment For Complete Cure


Dr Murlidhar's Homoeopathy specialty Clinic was set up to provide day-to-day health care needs as well as providing treatment for many incurable diseases, the range of superior quality Homeopathy treatment under one roof.


Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann is the founder of Homoeopathy, born in Germany on 10th April 1755 AD. Homoeopathy is a Greek word, meaning (Homoios= similar. pathos = disease).

Homoeopathic consultant for chronic diseases.Practicing assical Homoeopathy since three decades A close follower of Dr Prafull Vijayakar, Mumbai ,a well known International Homoeopath whose School of Thought "PREDICTIVE HOMOEOPATHY" has been recognized by UN. ...

She is a Consultant Homeopath with good experience in treating patients regularly. She was also a Medical Officer at Devs Homoeopathic College/Hospital, Hyderabad and also looks after the clinic.
Consultation Hours:(Mon_Sat)Even 6-8pm,
Morning: by Appointment only



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"Homoeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science it is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non violently.,

"mahatma gandhi"
Legendary of Freedom Fighter

"It is not as if our hooeopathic brothers are asleep . for from it they are awake many of them at any rate many to the importance of the scientific study of diseases.

"Sir William Osler"
The father of modern medicine

"Charles Darwin might not been FIT enough to origin and survival of the species without the homoeopathic treatment that the received from DR James Mandy Gully .

Charles Darwin
Fathe of theory of evolution

"international famous personalities who received homoeopathic treatment are". king george v, queen elizabeth II and royal family of england